We have refocus Gray Morning, The First of Autumn to Be Precise, Philippine d'Otreppe Opened Her picturesque Door and Greeted Us with a smile. Under the Waking Yawn of the Rainy Marolles, shet let us into her universe Full of Wonder and full of sun. The table was set, daughter with flowers and kitchen, yet at Philippine’s workshop, Nothing is that what it Seems ...

In an Enchanted Place where Paint and Ceramic Collide, She Creates Marvelous Trompe-l'oeils as de Delicate as Her Hands, and As Heartwarming As Her Eyes. 

I will tell you a secret she Said “I am originally not from here, but from orval in the belgian ardennes, a place where greenery is omnipresent and sounds are soft and serene.” And as She Talked and World with Patience and in Peace, We Saw This Refleted in Her Soft Nature and Calm Ease.

As she Later Lid the Candles, A Feast Came Into Sight, With Mussels and Fries, and Even Small Gray Shrimp and A Glass of Red Wine. At Nostalgic and Magical Setting, A Belgian Still Life Frozen in Time. We Almost Got lost reminiscing on long summer nights, picnics in the grass under Cloudless Starry Skies. 

From our Brussels city guide

Art & Culture Spots

(Art Gallery) Rue Isidore Verheyden 2, Ixelles

The curtain
(Theater) Rue Goffart 7a, Ixelles

Villa Empain
(Museum) Av. Franklin Roosevelt 67, Ixelles

Faider gallery
(Art Gallery) Rue Faider 12, St-Gilles

The workshop of Philippine d'Otreppe
(Artist studio) Rue Blaes 38, Brussels

Nino Mier Gallery
(Art Gallery) Rue Ernest Allard 25, Brussels

Leonet Hoang
(Architecture & Design) Rue Berthelot 115, Forest

Will handle
(Art & Design) Rue Meyerbeer 33, Forest

(Art Gallery) Av. Van Volxem 354, Forest

Van Buuren Museum
(Museum & Gardens) Av. Léo Errera 41, Uccle