mother-daughter Sundays


At mardi, the locker room is ageless. Since the beginning of the adventure, mother and daughter have appropriated our pieces, shared them and offered them to each other.

In May, mothers are celebrated all over the world and we wanted to highlight them through 4 mother-daughter(s) cross-portraits.
Each On Sunday, an inspiring duo or trio will share with us their good Brussels addresses, their fashion advice, their family recipes,...

This week, we shared a moment of complicity with the Sole sisters, Laura and Paola, and their mother Ana. Together, they founded the jewelry brand Aroz Jewelry. Their shop is a stone's throw from our house and we love sharing our experiences over lunch in the neighborhood.

Their 'mother-daughter' Sunday?
Terrace + exhibition.

Paola, Laura and Ana took us to Sablon, Chez Richard (a sure bet) before going to the Nino Mier gallery to discover the exhibition of New York artist Stéphanie Temma Hier!
We took advantage of this moment with them to ask them some questions about family entrepreneurship, their relationship with fashion and their mother-daughter relationship.

How do you enjoy your mother-daughter moments?

L: What we love is spending our Sundays together. We have lunch with our parents, we go for a walk. These are little moments of complicity essential to my week.

On Sunday lunchtime, when there are a million dishes on the table, our children and our grandchildren around this table, we know that our mom is happy and so are we. That's all that matters in the end, being together.

P: On Sundays I like to go to my parents' house, sit in the sun, in the garden, and remake the world with Laura and my mom.

You work with sisters and co-founded the jewelry brand Aroz jewelry, how do you find the balance?

L: We are very lucky to work as a family. Our mother, who has always worked in jewelry, passed on her passion to us. Of course, we had to adapt a little and learn to separate work and our family life. It's difficult to sit down at the family table on Sunday without talking about work.

P: Today, we've found our rhythm and we're learning so much from our mother's experience. Then collaborating with your sister is ideal, never anything left unsaid, never any doubts. We complement each other and understand each other.
Balance is communication, transparency, trust.

What word to describe the mother-daughter bond?

L: The word I will use is ‘unconditional
love’. It's funny because when I think of 'mother-daughter bond', I immediately see the trio with my sister and my mother, I can't really separate the duo I have with my sister and the one I have with my mom. ‘Complicity’ too. We call each other every day and I don't go a day without talking to Paola since we co-founded the Aroz brand.

What role did your mother play in your life?

L: My mother in my life is my pillar, I don't think I've ever
cut the cord actually (haha)! But she is at the center of everything, I
call her for everything, I have her on the phone at least once a day, I love chatting with my mom, asking her advice.

P : She is always present, loving, reassuring, attentive. She
advises us better than anyone. I have always had a very good relationship with my mother, a very open relationship. There weren't many taboos when I was young. She always put our well-being before her own and was able to reassure us at every important step.

"Becoming a mother has changed my relationship with fashion. I think more about 'comfort'. This is the key to my style today: a comfortable but fashionable look. "

Has motherhood changed your vision of fashion?

L: Becoming a mother changed my relationship with fashion. I think less about myself, more about him. As a result, I buy fewer pieces and favor a favorite purchase from time to time. I think more ‘comfort’. This is the key to my style today: a comfortable but fashionable look.

P: I'm pregnant so I'll know more in a few weeks! During my pregnancy, I didn’t particularly change my style. When you are pregnant, it is not always easy to feel good in your body. But feeling pretty and well dressed helped me a lot.

What 'fashion' advice did you receive from your mother that you would like to pass on to your children?

L: Consume differently, I see fashion completely differently
today, I no longer buy anything. I really think before buying a piece that I like, I want it to be made sustainably, in Europe, so that I can keep it for years. And that’s obviously what I’m going to instill in my children, like my grandmother and then my mother did with us.

P: When I was younger I bought a lot of clothes but
today that has really changed and I avoid fast-fashion stores. I prefer to buy a nice piece from time to time. That's what my mom always did. She built her wardrobe
little by little.

What piece(s) do you steal from your mom's wardrobe?

L: Its vintage bags, without hesitation. We have a lot of pieces inherited from our grandmother that my mom kept and took care of for years.

P: Her jackets! She has some really original and fashionable jackets!
She sewed a lot when she was younger and we still sometimes wear pieces she created today.

What pieces do you pass down from generation to generation?

L: Clothes from my grandmother, jackets or shirts from my
grandfather. And, the jewelry obviously. I have a chain around my neck that belonged to my grandmother. She never leaves my side!

P: My mom kept a lot of my grandmother's pieces and I regularly wear them for an event or an occasion.

"When I was younger I bought a lot of clothes but
today that has really changed and I avoid fast-fashion stores. I prefer to buy one nice piece from time to time. That's what my mom always did. She built her wardrobe
little by little."



Chez Richard + Nino Mier gallery
Brussels, Sablon district

Café Tulipant + Baronian gallery
Ixelles, Louise / Fernand Cocq district

Martine + Galerie Faider
St-Gilles, Châtelain district

l'Altitude + Maniera gallery
Forest, Altitude 100 district

Café La Pompe + La Maison de Rendez-vous
St-Gilles, Place van Meenen district