Wool is a fiber of animal origin that is biodégadable and recyclable.

Wool is anti-bacterial, thermoregulating and breathable, it does not retain odors and does not wrinkle easily. It is therefore not essential to wash it regularly, a large bowl of air will do the necessary.

Wool is an eco-responsible and durable material, robust and solid, you will keep your woolen pieces for a long, very long time.

The wool we use comes from the UK or Italy. We favor a 'zero-mile' wool whose fiber comes from sheep that have been raised in the Italian Alps or the English countryside. This wool is certified by The Woolmark Company and has been produced with respect for humans and animals.

Whenever possible, we opt for recycled wool or dyed exclusively with natural elements (plants, berries, flowers).


Linen is a natural fiber grown mainly in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

It is a strong and durable fiber. Its cultivation requires neither too much water nor too many pesticides. Linen is thermoregulating, breathable and, like wool, anti-bacterial.

It is a local and eco-responsible fiber, pleasant to wear all year round.


Silk is a natural fiber of animal origin obtained from the thread that surrounds the cocoon of the 'bombyx du murier' caterpillar, otherwise known as the silkworm.

Silk is biodegradable and its environmental impact is low.

It is a delicate material which is at the same time solid (more solid than linen or cotton), thermoregulating, fluid and soft. If you take care of it, your silk piece will accompany you for years.

The slightly less 'cool' aspect of silk production is the potential impact on the well-being of caterpillars, sometimes killed before becoming butterflies, in order to obtain longer (and stronger) threads of silk.
It is possible to work with a non-violent silk, with shorter filaments, produced after the hatching of the cocoon. However, we have not yet found a European weaver offering a quality of non-violent silk corresponding to our expectations.

We keep looking.

The silk we work with is produced in the Lake Como region of Italy. This silk is certified by the Seri.co label which guarantees strict ethical and environmental standards related to the weaving of silk.


Cotton is a fiber widely used in the textile industry. Its unique properties have always made it an ally of choice when it comes to comfort or flexibility.

However, cotton production is responsible for 25% of the pesticides used worldwide each year. Its production poisons our soils and the people who work there. Cotton is also a thirsty fiber, very thirsty. Its culture requires a lot of water.

Cotton is not the eco-responsible fiber one might imagine. We have decided to use it in limited quantities in our collections and to use it only if it meets one of the following 2 conditions :

A) The cotton is GOTS certified, one of the most demanding standards in the textile industry which guarantees that the cotton has been grown without pesticides or GMOs.

B) The cotton we use comes from conventional cotton rolls that we have unearthed in the dormant stocks of our partners. We give it new life with you.