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Being 100% sustainable is a real challenge. Definitions of sustainability are different for everyone and range from protecting our oceans to defending working conditions.

To be 100% sustainable would mean a total commitment at all levels of the supply chain. We still have a lot to learn in order to achieve this goal.

We are moving forward step by step. What we can do today, we do. We are committed to never stop questioning, innovating and developing new solutions for more responsible fashion.

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Aware that a major part of the fashion industry's ecological footprint comes from the choice of textile fibres, we have decided to favour natural materials and/or those with a low impact on our environment.

Fashion brands and fast fashion companies have too often favoured Petrol-based synthetics such as polyester, nylon or acrylic.

We are committed to operating without these materials. By eliminating them, we offer you a more respectful, natural, biodegradable and recyclable fashion.

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80% of our editions are made from fabrics from dormant stocks of major European fashion houses or textile manufacturers.

We find the most beautiful fabrics in their warehouses and give them a new life with you.

By working this way, we design our collections from the material and not from the design, as is usually the case in fashion.

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Since we work mainly with fabrics from dormant stocks and therefore only available in limited quantities, all our editions are developed in limited quantities.

A way to move away from mass consumption but also to guarantee unique pieces made with love.

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By cutting out the middleman for the sale of our collections and by being in direct contact with you through our website, our Brussels boutique and our pop-up stores throughout the year, we can move away from the margins usually practised in ready-to-wear and offer you our pieces at a price that we feel is fair.

Fair for you, our partners and us.
In short, everyone wins.

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We select all our partners close to home, in Europe, in order to visit them (very) often, to establish a real relationship of trust and to ensure that their work always corresponds to our values.

All our pieces are produced in Portugal in a family workshop that trusted us from the beginning and with which we have established a real partnership.

Most of our materials come from Italy, the Netherlands or the UK.

Our buttons are produced in France or Portugal.

All our (recycled) packaging is produced in Belgium.

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Convinced that simplicity is the greatest form of elegance, we want to give you access to a wardrobe of "good basics".

We favour quality materials that will last and timeless cuts.

In addition to our limited editions, we offer our iconic pieces in white, navy blue and black throughout the year.

We want to create pieces that will be worn for a long time and that we will constantly reinvent. We are delighted to see that our customers, of all ages, make our basics their own with such style and elegance.

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We select all our accessories (bias, buttons, linings, threads,...) with the greatest care.

We favour recycled and/or biodegradable buttons and try to guarantee our "0% polyester" commitment here too.

We use organic cotton or recycled cupro for our bias and most of our linings.