Tuesday Meeting


In January, we slow down. We take time for ourselves, to feel radiant.

We had the chance to meet the duo behind Label Meunier, this Belgian skincare brand based on natural vegetable oils. Marine and Laurane give us all their advice for a successful morning routine.

Let's hear it!

Hello Laurane, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Laurane, I am 34 years old and I am the co-founder of the new Belgian brand Label Meunier.
I am also a young mother of 3 children passionate about natural beauty. With my husband and Marine, we created Label Meunier in November 2022.

Label Meunier is a 100% natural skincare brand made from exceptional vegetable oils.

At Label Meunier, we use the power of nature in the service of beauty and feminine balance. Our concept is unique because we offer treatments that combine the benefits of vegetable oils applied to the skin and capsules to be taken orally.

How did you start this adventure?

As a great lover and consumer of vegetable oils for many years, I realized by deciphering the compositions of my products, that the majority of the components of the oils I used were grown by my husband on the family farm, the Val Notre-Dame organic farm.

The idea of ​​promoting our cultures and creating a range of 100% natural skincare products based on natural components naturally arose from this.

In association with Marine, an entrepreneur and expert for more than 10 years in the organic beauty sector, and with my husband, Label Meunier was born.

What is Label Meunier's "nugget" product?

The nugget product for me is hemp face oil.
Its excellent ratio between omega 3-6 and 9 gives it many beneficial properties for the skin. In fact, this multifunctional treatment hydrates, calms, softens and protects the skin in depth.

We grow hemp on our farm and the pressing of the seeds is done 5km from where it is grown. We are proud
to offer a local product, slightly processed and 100% traceable.

Do you have glow-up rituals?

My sacred ritual is the daily self-massaging of the face. These few minutes a day do me a world of good. Be careful, an oil does not apply like a classic cream. You have to heat it between your hands before applying it. The oil will penetrate the skin better and relax the facial muscles more. Applied daily, the oil will stimulate microcirculation and reduce wrinkles.

What is your favorite piece in the Tuesday dressing room?