mardi meeting


What if we escaped in January. Time to recharge your batteries just a stone's throw from home.

We met Françoise Jolly and her daughter Clémentine. Both of them created the Naxhelet domain 10 years ago with the rest of their (large) family.
An eco-responsible and committed domain.
The first organic golf course in Belgium.
t3>A wellness area that highlights natural treatments and local beauty.
Several restaurants supplied with the estate's harvests...

How would you present the Naxhelet estate?

Naxhelet is a family-run boutique hotel in the heart of the Belgian countryside. It is a timeless place that invites you to rest. We offer high-end services combined with an eco-responsible approach.

We created the estate more than 10 years ago and each member of the family brings their own touch to it. Today it is a hotel, a golf course, a wellness area and several restaurants. It’s a place to disconnect 45 minutes from Brussels.

What defines you as an eco-responsible establishment?

Since its conception but also in its daily management, the Naxhelet estate has aimed to reduce its ecological footprint.

In addition to the use of photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity and a rainwater recovery system for
water management, we are very proud to offer local and organic products in our restaurants and for using local craftsmen and regional raw materials for the renovation of the estate. We are the first in Belgium to have a golf course that is almost pesticide-free and equipped with a self-sufficient irrigation system. These efforts have earned us the GEO label for our golf course.

What can you do in Naxhelet?

Whether you are professional or amateur, you will have the opportunity to play or learn golf.
If your mood is more relaxing, you can relax in our wellness area where we offer quality treatments based on natural products. You can also enjoy a delicious meal in one of our 2 restaurants.

If you wish to extend your stay and enjoy a breathtaking
view of our countryside, it is also possible to stay within from the domain hotel.

What is your 'favorite' piece in the mardi wardrobe?

F: I'm a big fan of the Alicia blazer. It's timeless, I love its oversized look which allows me to slip a nice warm sweater underneath. Ideal for work and my walks in the area.

C: The essential in my wardrobe is the Clémence jumpsuit. I love its chic yet relaxed look. I'm often in sneakers and with this jumpsuit I feel dressed but very cool. I have it in several colors, it’s a real favorite!