mother-daughter Sundays


At mardi, the locker room is ageless. Since the beginning of the adventure, mother and daughter have appropriated our pieces, shared them and offered them to each other.

In May, mothers are celebrated all over the world and we wanted to highlight them through 4 mother-daughter(s) cross-portraits.
Each On Sunday, an inspiring duo or trio will share with us their good Brussels addresses, their fashion advice, their family recipes,...

This week, we shared a moment of complicity with Lelia, Yeleen and Robosa.
Lelia has one of the prettiest (and biggest) smiles in mardi editions.
Her good humor and kindness are communicative.

We offered to let us experience her mother-daughter Sunday.
A moment of complicity with her sister Yeleen and her mother Robosa.

Their Sunday 'mother-daughters'?

Coffee and breakfast followed by a long walk.
Lelia, Yeleen and Robosa took us to BuddyBuddy (Rue des Drapiers 10, 1050 Brussels) before a walk in the Park Royal.

How do you enjoy your mother-daughter moments?

Y: Since I no longer live in Belgium, I see my sister and my mother less. So I appreciate the little moments shared with them more.

L: When we see each other, we enjoy every moment. Generally our day starts with a bike ride then we spend the afternoon outside of Brussels. Lately we often go to Antwerp. We walk, we drink coffee - the ones from Tinsel are excellent -, in the evening we end up at a nice restaurant together - at Camion for example.

A: I love spending time with my daughters and sharing simple moments: eating, walking, laughing, talking, crying, these are all precious little moments.

"She always highlighted an intelligence and beauty in me that I couldn't see."

What word to describe the mother-daughter bond?

Y: Friendship. When I was little, my mom was 'my best friend' and she kept telling me that we were mother and daughter and not best friends. But for me a mother is a perfect friend. She is a friend who will not judge you, a person you trust, who will always be there for you.

L: Unconditional love. A love that cannot be explained. With my mom we laugh a lot, but we know how to share these moments of humor with moments of listening and tenderness.

R: To life and death!

What piece(s) do you steal from your mom's wardrobe?

Y: I never really borrowed clothes from Mom. On the other hand, I'm a fan of accessories and I regularly steal her bags and jewelry... I'm not discreet enough because she notices it very -too- quickly.

L: At the moment, I always steals his big, soft sweaters. My mom really takes care of her clothes, so they are always in perfect condition. I would dream of stealing a vintage Saint-Laurent leather bag that she bought a long time ago. But it's more complicated, so I asked him to leave it to me.

"My parents never imposed a clothing style on us. It's a form of freedom of expression that I would like to pass on, later, to my children."

What role did your mother play in your life?

Y: She gave me self-confidence and pushed me to carry out all my projects. No matter how crazy my ideas are, she supports me and makes sure I reach or exceed my goals.
She always highlighted an intelligence and beauty in me that I couldn't see or see. that others didn't see. It's the greatest gift a mother can give to her daughter.

L: She's a real example for me. My mother is the one who listens to me, makes me laugh, makes me question myself, supports me and loves me above all.
With age, I have learned to indulge more to her, nothing like a mother's opinion!

A: Mamou is my rock, whatever happens I know she will always be there. Always encouraging, present and very lucid. With my daughters, her granddaughters, she really managed to create a unique connection while maintaining her personality. I admire him enormously.

Any style advice you get from your mom?

Y: We have opposing styles. My mom is very elegant and classic. On the contrary, I wear fairly wide clothes and I follow trends more. Over time, she was able to adapt to my style, and I to hers. She passed on a bit of her elegance to me and I mix classic and street pieces in my looks.

L: My parents never imposed a clothing style on us. It is a freedom of expression that I would later like to pass on to my children. Today we all have very different and marked styles. Letting us dress however we want from a very young age has always allowed us to express ourselves through our style.



BUDDY BUDDY + Royal Park of Brussels
(Rue des Drapiers 10, 1050 Brussels)

Kanel + Bois de la Cambre
(Rue Vanderkindere 497 , 1180 Uccle)

Honest + Parc de Forest / Parc Duden
(Rue du Croissant 34, 1190 Forest)

OR Coffee + Parc du Cinquantenaire
(Pl. Jourdan 13a, 1040 Etterbeek)