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From October 1 to 31, 2022, we settled down at number 8 Drukkerijstraat in Antwerp. For a month, we welcomed you to this temporary store, a mini replica of our Brussels Flagship, located in the heart of the fashion district.

During our stay in Antwerp we explored the length and breadth of the city and were surprised by its multiculturality, its architecture, its restaurants and above all, its people and their sense of keen on fashion.

We have brought together some of our favorite addresses for a day, a weekend or more if you like in this city of design, culture, gastronomy and, of course, fashion .

I might as well warn you, we were hungry, and we ate pretty well.

our favorites

1/ Cafématic

Cafématic is the ideal starting point for a day in Antwerp. Breakfast, brunch, coffee, you will not be disappointed.

Vleminckveld 4,
2000 Antwerpen

2/ Guest

Furniture, lighting, small decorations, textiles, accordance with our values: sustainability, modernity, simplicity.

Ijzerenwaag 12a
2000 Antwerpen

3/ Camino

Asian inspiration, cocktails to die for, attention to detail and a cozy and cool atmosphere. We share small fusion and seasonal dishes.

Muntstraat 4,
2000 Antwerp

On brunch ?


Paleistraat st,
2018 Antwerp

Caffènation Roastery and Bar PAKT

The best café in Antwerp, in our opinion, staffed by true fanatics of good coffee

Lamorinierestraat 161,
2018 Antwerpen


Harmoniestraat 25b,
2018 Antwerp

Nordica 31

Belegstraat 31,
2018 Antwerp


Sint-Paulusplaats 30,
2000 Antwerp

Butchers Coffee

Kasteelstraat 57,
2000 Antwerp


Belegstraat 80,
2018 Antwerp


Lange Gasthuisstraat 5,
2000 Antwerp

Does he pay?


Muntstraat 8,
2000 Antwerp


Volkstraat 44,
2000 Antwerp


Bollandusstraat 17,
2000 Antwerp


Oude Koornmarkt 26,
2000 Antwerp

Grain market 13

Graanmarkt 13,
2000 Antwerp

Bar Vert

Helenalei 2,
2018 Antwerp


Sint-Paulusplaats 25,
2000 Antwerp

Fishing shed

Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai 20b,
2018 Antwerp


Lange Nieuwstraat 14,
2000 Antwerp


Vlaamsekaai 6
200 Antwerp

Zola pizza

Nieuwstad 16
2000 Antwerp


Cederlaan 68
2000 Antwerp

Shall we have a drink?


Leopold de Waelstraat 2,
2000 Antwerp

Gross Bar

Catharina Pepijnstraat 3,
2000 Antwerp


Volkstraat 50,
2000 Antwerp

The title

Oever 8,
2000 Antwerp

We are visiting ?

Museum aan de Stroom

Hanzestedenplaats 1,
2000 Antwerp

Fashion Museum of Antwerp

Nationalestraat 28,
2000 Antwerp

Antwerp Museum of Contemporary Art

Leuvenstraat 32,
2000 Antwerp

Rubens House

Wapper 9-11,
2000 Antwerp

Valerie Tear Gallery

Reyndersstraat 12,
2000 Antwerp


A little further,
but worth the detour.

Stokerijstraat 19
2110 Wijnegem

St Vincents, Kleine Markt 13.

On shopee ?

The Other Shop

Melkmarkt 31,
2000 Antwerp

St Vincents

Kleine Markt 13,
2000 Antwerp

Re:Jules Vintage

Geuzenstraat 5,
2000 Antwerp

Modern Living

Vlaanderenstraat 5,
2000 Antwerp

Name Furniture

Van Trierstraat 41a,
2018 Antwerp

And his family

Wapper 18
2000 Antwerp

Play kidsstore

Kloosterstraat 63
2000 Antwerp


Kloosterstraat 55
2000 Antwerp


Kloosterstraat 75
2000 Antwerp