For this third portrait, we met up with not one but two Brusselaires. It was a gloomy morning and after weeks of rainy fall weather we felt a bit of despair. Little did we know that on that very day, Clara and Elodie would take all of our blues away. Cause at Boucan you do not just get a bouquet of flowers or a ceramic vase, with it comes joy, energy and lightness to cheer up your mood and your space. 

The moment we opened their door and stepped in to their vibrant little shop, we suddenly felt some of our heaviness drop. A universe full of bright hues and funky shapes, full of flowers and ceramics, the perfect escape. Our attention was drawn by a bright sound that filled up the room, a contagious melodie of laughter that made our own smile bloom. If there is something at Boucan even more joyous than their objects and bouquets, it must be the duo that owns the place. 

And so that morning we learned a bit more about how all that wonder is made. Elodie arranged the flowers, and Clara worked the clay. Both working with ingredients coming from the earth and soil, transformed into wonderful gifts that will brighten up your soul.

From our city guide

Interior & Gift Shops

(Jewelry)  Rue du Tabellion 50, Ixelles 

(Interior decoration) Rue du Tabellion 6-10, Ixelles 

Filigranes Corner
(Book shop) Av. Louis Lepoutre 21, Ixelles 

(Stationary shop) Rue François Stroobant 14, Ixelles

(Flower shop) Rue Berkendael 130, Ixelles

(Stationary shop) Rue Américaine 67, Ixelles

Peinture Fraîche
(Book shop) Rue Lesbroussart 9 & 39, Ixelles

(Jewelry) Rue du Page 72, Ixelles

(Flower & ceramics shop)  Av. Jean Volders 34, St-Gilles

La Caravane Studio
(Vintage & antiques) Ch. d’Alsemberg 131, St-Gilles

La Maison Bruxelloise
(Vintage & antiques) Rue d’Andenne 1, St Gilles

(Eyeglasses) Rue Darwin 65, Ixelles