Of all of our portraits, this is sure to be the sweetest one. One cold morning we were awakened by the most delicious smell. We could only follow our noses as if we were under some kind of spell. Impossible to stop, it led us straight to the cutest bakery shop. And so we spend the morning in the wonderful company of the owner of “brood” bakery.

Hair as golden as pastries, and a heart as generous as a croissant, Stephanie welcomed us warmly and offered us to try “Anything you want!”.  We tasted her viennoiseries, all perfectly aligned. And let us tell you, they were all just divine.

She later showed us how everything is made with love. She weighed the flour, kneaded the dough and shaped her breads like a true artisan. We heard the sourdough rise and the baguettes sing, while the oven was baking and customers came in. Such a hartwarming scene to behold, that we almost forgot about the first autumn cold.

From our city guide

Bakeries & Pastry Shops

B r o o d
Av. Brugmann 225, Ixelles

Rue Washington 204, Ixelles

Rue Franz Merjay 6, Ixelles 

Rue de l’Aqueduc 84, Ixelles

Nicolas Arnaud
Rue Américaine 93, Ixelles

Nikolas Koulepis
Rue du Page 85, Ixelles

Mon Boulangier
Av. Jean Volders 11, St-Gilles

Rue des Minimes 7, Brussels

Bd. Guillaume Van Haelen 6, Forest

Ch. de Waterloo 887, Uccle